1. Greetings from Corpus Christi

    For our 17th year Anniversary, Richline Technical Services, decided to give a little something back to Corpus Christi for all of the years we’ve been given by the city. The “Greetings from Corpus Christi, Texas” mural highlights some of Corpus Christi’s iconic scenes from the area including the Lexington, the Harbor Bridge, “Surfing Jesus”, all the way out to a sunrise at Bob Hall Pier, and, of course, Selena.

    Images from all around Corpus Christi make up this new mural

    Richline Technical Services partnered with Cre8ive Culture, which is a new art supply and mural company located in the heart of downtown Corpus Christi. Jeremy Flores who is the lead mural designer at Cre8ive Culture hired an amazing team of artists to help bring this mural to Corpus Christi. Flores is also known for the Sea Turtle mural in downtown Corpus Christi that sits on a wall facing his newest creation. Flores’ and Cre8ive Culture are working hard to give back to the community in the Coastal Bend. They truly believe that art will be the platform that helps bring the city together and what better way to breathe life into our downtown than to bring more art to the Marina Arts District.

    The Richline’s drew inspiration from their honeymoon trip to Chile. The town of Valparaiso on the coast is covered with murals as they are the best defense against the graffiti problem in the city. Graffiti artists see the murals and respect the artist’s work and do not tag the murals. This has left the city as a crazy, beautiful landscape of colorful houses and murals. The Richline’s wanted to bring a little of that color back to Corpus and add a little splash of color to downtown Corpus Christi. While considering options, they happened upon Jeremy painting the Sea Turtle mural on the Braswell Building. The collaborative effort brought this soon to be iconic “Welcome to” or “Greetings from” postcard mural that many cities have, but Corpus Christi was missing. “We also hope this will add fuel to the fire of the murals and art popping up around downtown Corpus Christi and we hope that all who see it will feel a sense of pride in Corpus Christi”, says owner Josh Richline.

    Jeremy Flores starts work on the mural

    The new mural is located on the North facing wall of Richline Technical Service headquarters building in Downtown Corpus Christi at 114 N Mesquite St. The best time for a photo opp would be after 6pm on weekdays or anytime on the weekends as the parking lot that is painted in front of is used during the weekdays. The mural faces the north as is visible driving south down Mesquite St .

    Founded in 2001-Richline Technical Services is an IT (Information Technology) Service Provider located in Downtown Corpus Christi. They handle IT concerns for business of all sizes in the Coastal Bend and beyond. Their services include everything from an IT Helpdesk to Phone Systems to Offsite Backups and Cloud Solutions.  We are I.T.

    Cre8ive Cultures is Corpus Christi’s first locally owned art supply store and learning center. Its main aim is to help bring art to the city in all forms from large scale mural projects to helping teach the youth the fundamentals of art. Cre8ive Culture houses the cities best artists in all fields including photography, videography, murals, painting, graphic design, screen printing, and audio production. Cre8ive Culture is here to show exactly what Corpus Christi artists are capable of with the main aim to be the premier resource and one stop shop for art in this city.

  2. Tools to Prevent Ransomware

    Ransomware update from RTS (stemmed from an email to clients)

    Just a quick note on the current round of Ransomware making the news:

    I just wanted to drop everyone a personal note letting you know we are staying up to date and taking the WannaCry Ransomware/Virus threat seriously. We are making every possible effort to mitigate the impact on our customers. With that being said, the biggest thing we can’t control is the human factor. Be diligent out there guys and gals and don’t click on emails that contain links or attachments you aren’t expecting. This one is currently spread initially through email (and then once inside a network can potentially spread through other means) and that could mean your work email as well as any personal accounts so please be careful on those as well or just don’t check them at all from your work PC’s.

    So what have we got to protect you:

    1st: Spam/Email Virus Filtration-if you have our SPAM protection it has built in virus filtration as well. It’s our first line for keeping you from even getting that email with the evil link or attachment to begin with.

    2nd: Open DNS Content Filtration-If you do happen to get the email and you do open it, OpenDNS should keep it from talking back to its “creator” and generating the encryption key that is required to encrypt or “scramble” all your files rendering it impotent (sorry, that word seemed to fit).

    3rd: Antivirus and Anti-ransomware- If you haven’t kept up, antivirus isn’t enough these days, we need antivirus, anti-malware, and now anti-ransomware. Each of these classifications of threats has unique qualities so believe it or not, we need software tuned to each different kind of threat. We’ve got that. So (hopefully) if you click on the link or attachment and before the ransomware encrypts all your files, anti-ransomware or antivirus should kick in and stop it before it does anything. We’ve made sure all anti-virus has been updated with the latest virus definitions including the latest version of this threat available.

    4th: Microsoft Patches- This may seem like it should be higher up the list, but yes, Microsoft has released patches for all supported (and even a few unsupported) Operating Systems including Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016 and they’ve even gone back and release patches for the versions of Windows they’ve stopped supporting in the last few years-Windows XP, Vista, and Server 2003. We’ve been working diligently to verify that this patch is applied to all of our client’s machines that have our R-Essential Apps in place.

    5th: Backups-If it just so happened that the virus was brand new (like newer than that day new) and it got through all of this AND you opened it! Well, that’s why we make sure and push everyone to have good backups that backup every few hours. The last line of defense is restoring your files from backup.

    So there you go, our suite of product working together to keep you safe…now if you have a friend who lives life on the edge and doesn’t have R-Essential Apps in place and they do happen to get this virus…we know of a bitcoin ATM and can help them pay the ransom because that may be the last option available to them. I have a blog up about this (link below) if you want to know more. We have seen that paying the ransom on this one may not be as effective as previous versions so no warranties on that.

    Now for my lawyer friends, we’re not necessarily guarantying anyone is safe from ever getting this or another virus or ransomware with our tools in place, we are simply highlighting the preventative measures we are taking to try to help keep you safe. As I listed above, the human factor still exists. We’ll try everything in our power, but we can’t anticipate every possibility either.

    Blog here…I promise this link is safe(ish)

    Musings on and Defining Ransomware and Cryptolocker…


    Richline Technical Services is a Managed IT Services Provider headquartered in Corpus Christi, TX. We provide helpdesk and network management to small and medium businesses as well as consulting and network design services to large companies, city and county governments as well as school districts.

    Josh Richline is one of the Owners of RTS and is certified by Microsoft, Citrix, ShoreTel, Sonicwall, Lifesize, Ruckus, US Sailing and others. He specializes in VoIP, large networking projects and sailing.


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