Network Optimization/Network Management

Feel that you are not getting the most out of our IT infrastructure or that it is not preforming the way that it used to? You keep adding newer computers but what about that old switch in the server closet? Please tell me you’re not still using tapes for backups?

You don’t run your car around town and never get the oil change with the multipoint inspection do you? Your IT infrastructure is a huge investment for your business and believe it or not, buy it and forget it is not our recommendation.

Network Optimization can breathe new life in to your workstations and servers. Sometime all you need is a new switch to clear up the bottleneck, other times it could be more severe (like the actual wiring). We know what to look for and can perform an audit and make recommendations or better yet, we’ll manage the network and make sure you are always preforming at peak efficiency.


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