Network Security

Bank sites get hacked, insurance company’s networks are compromised, national security documents are leaked on wikileaks. It’s no longer a question of “If?”, it’s “When?” All individuals and businesses are potential targets, but if you deal with patient data, sensitive client data, or client payment information there are federal requirements for precautions you must take, equipment you must have in place, and procedures you must follow. These vary based on many factors, but the thing that doesn’t change is that in the end you are responsible. And if you are thinking, “My IT guy got us a firewall”, that’s just one step in a long list.

A good information security policy is a must to keep your environment protected from external and internal threats. Let RTS create a proactive plan to minimize risks so you can focus on your business. Threats are constantly changing so it is critical to have policies and comprehensive security plans in place as well as a partner that can help keep you up to date on these threats to protect your investments.


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