1. Electronics Recycling for the Coastal Bend

    Pile of old Computers

    Recycle your old PC’s

    As a “Computer Guy” a hot topic of discussion from users and business owners alike is disposal of electronics. Up until late, we don’t always have the best answers for this question. We can tell you what you are supposed to and not supposed to do with your electronics (throwing a monitor in your neighbor’s dumpster falls under the “what not to do” category in case you didn’t already know that). We could even recommend or arrange for an electronics recycling company to come pick that stuff up for you, provided you put it on a pallet for them, shrink wrapped it and didn’t mind paying their fees…

    Enter STS Recycling. We’re working with STS, an east-Texas based company to bring regular, zero cost to the customer, electronics recycling to the Coastal Bend. STS Recycling in their own words:

    STS Electronic Recycling can aid you in recycling out of date, nonworking, or unwanted electronic equipment.  We accept computers, laptops, monitors, printers, servers, projectors, fax machines, copy machines, microwaves, and cell phones as well as other electronics.  THIS RECYCLING SERVICE IS PROVIDED AT NO COST TO YOU. All recyclables processed by STS Electronic Recycling are either reused or physically destroyed and recycled.  We assure you that your business or personal information will be destroyed to Department of Defense (DOD) standards and we will provide you with a certificate of destruction if desired.  Please visit our website at www.stsrecycle.com for more information.”

    Our first pickup for our Corpus Christi office will be August 24th and depending on need we will work on plans to schedule pickups either quarterly or every 6 months. Contact Josh Richline or Michelle Vickery at RTS to coordinate a pickup or to arrange to drop off your items at our office. Please make sure you let us know (so we can let STS know) if/when you need a certificate of destruction for your hard drives.

    Or you could do like us and hire an intern for a few weeks, have him disassemble PC’s in a dark room and take them over to the scrap yard…those of you who don’t know me will never know if I’m joking or not.

    Michelle Vickery (361)882-6297 x 2004

    Josh Richline (361)882-6297 x 2015



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