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Our Approach:

At Richline Technical Services, we don’t just want to be your “IT Guy”, we want to be your technology partner and trusted advisor. We believe in a symbiotic relationship where your IT Consultant helps you get where you’re trying to go as a company, saving you some time and money along the way, and increases your productivity and quality of life in the end through better technology and better management of your IT infrastructure. We won’t try to sell you solutions you don’t need and we’ll advise of the best options for your business even if that means that solution may not be with us.

Who we are:

Richline Technical Services (RTS) provides consulting and technical solutions that solve real world business problems. RTS was founded in 2001 and has established itself as a premier consulting and IT support firm in South Texas with our headquarters in Corpus Christi.

Our consultants and technical staff are highly qualified and experienced with industry certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, ShoreTel, Mitel, Sonicwall, Novel and various others. Richline recruits the best staff to support our client’s IT environment. Our team consists of people who love what they do, have the heart of a teacher and understand that great customer service is the key to prospering as a company.

Now what?

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You’ll have an option for Richline IT Solutions and an option for Pyramid Communications.

If you aren’t sure which to choose, below are some examples of what Richline IT Solutions and Pyramid Communications can take care of for your business. Click the respective division to learn more.

Richline IT Solutions:

Helpdesk-“I need an IT guy my staff can call when they are having trouble.”

Computer Management-“We have someone in house, but he/she is overloaded. We need to offload the basic updates, virus protection, and management to someone else.”

Network Design/Network Consulting-“Help! I need to build a new network from scratch or my existing network is a mess or we’re growing too fast and our computer systems/software can’t keep up”…or some version of that.

“I need all of it!”-“Our IT guy is leaving and we need a new one!”

Backup IT-“Our IT guy needs help from time to time on projects and consulting. He also needs tools to make him more efficient.”

Pyramid Communications:

New Phone System-whether its “I’m a new business, need a phone system that is flexible for how we work.” Or “My existing phone system is older than most of my employees and we can’t find parts for it, Help!” Cloud Hosted or onsite (premise based)—either way we have options to fit your business

Existing Phone System-“Help, my phone system is broken” or maybe “My old phone guy retired on me, can you help!” We have many models and brands we can work on and some we can’t from simple multi-lines to PBX.

Cabling- “Cable my new building” to “I need a few drops run”

Video- “All this travelling is getting old, I need a video conferencing solution, STAT!”

Some other things we offer:

Cyber Security Solutions-“We’re concerned about getting hacked or possibly getting Ransomware. Can you help?” Ransomware and cyber attacks are in the news daily it seems these days. We offer enterprise quality solutions geared to the small business. Some of the solutions we offer include:

  • Cyber Security Assessments and Audits: See how your company’s policies, users, and infrastructure stack up against a potential cyber attack. Identify any gaps and solve them with training, policy changes, and hardware, software, or cloud solutions.
  • 24×7 SOC (Security Operations Center) monitored and backed EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) solutions: a lot of buzz words that mean a really fancy anti-ransomware/malware solution that has eyes on it 24×7 watching against bad guys.
  • Security Workforce Awareness Training (SWAT)/Security Awareness Training: test your employees likelyhood to click bad links and then train them in what they did wrong…and more.
  • and lots more stuff that I don’t want to list on our website because I’d rather the bad guys not know we’re doing it.

Data Backup/Disaster Recovery Solutions-“I’m concerned about hurricanes (fire, viruses, data loss in general, etc…). Can you make sure we’re backed up and that it’s offsite as well”

Email/Cloud Hosting/Office 365 Management– “We’ve got email with Office365/Microsoft 365, can you manage that for us” That and plenty more. We add in enhanced SPAM filtration and some extra security features to keep you more secure than with Microsoft alone.

Wireless Network-“The wireless in my office sucks. Can you help?”

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