Richline IT Solutions:

Helpdesk-“I need an IT guy my staff can call when they are having trouble.”

Computer Management-“We have someone in house, but he/she is overloaded. We need to offload the basic updates, virus protection, and management to someone else.”

Network Design/Network Consulting-“Help! I need to build a new network from scratch or my existing network is a mess or we’re growing too fast and our computer systems/software can’t keep up”…or some version of that.

“I need all of it!”-“Our IT guy is leaving and we need a new one!”

Other services:

Data Backup/Disaster Recovery Solutions-"I'm concerned about hurricanes (fire, viruses, data loss in general, etc...). Can you make sure we're backed up and that it's offsite as well"

Backup IT-Our IT guy needs help from time to time on projects and consulting. He also needs tools to make him more efficient

Wireless Network-“The wireless in my office sucks. Can you help?”

Pyramid Communications:

New Phone System-whether its “I’m a new business, need a phone system that is flexible for how we work.” Or “My existing phone system is older than most of my employees and we can’t find parts for it, Help!” Cloud Hosted or onsite (premise based)—either way we have options to fit your business

Existing Phone System-“Help, my phone system is broken” or maybe “My old phone guy retired on me, can you help!” We have many models and brands we can work on and some we can’t from simple multi-lines to PBX.

Cabling: “Cable my new building” to “I need a few drops run”

Video: "I need a video conferencing solution