Cyber Security Month Wrap Up and Offers

Everyone has hopefully been receiving my emails this month about Cyber Security Awareness month (with a few tips included). Of course a few emails and thinking about Cyber Security for a month isn’t going to move the needle much on cyber security. We have to be diligent all year and this was mostly meant to get the conversation started. Now that we’re getting to the end of the month, I have a couple of offers to extend to you all.

#1- Secure Workforce Awareness Training (SWAT) (also sometimes called Security Awareness Training) – 1 Month Free Trial Offer. 1st rule, don’t pre-warn your users this is coming….Secure Workforce Awareness Training is a service where we send emails to your users that contain fake links to try to trick them into clicking on them….and then supply them with follow-up training on spotting such emails. It also includes videos and infographics for training your staff on this and many other types of topics. Again, don’t warn anyone this is happening, we want to collect legitimate data on who clicks these. We’re going to send your users a few(note I’m not telling you how many because you’re going to get them too) of these “trick” emails spaced out over the month and then perhaps a training video or two that we consider to be most relevant to your ”results”. We don’t want to send too many because then they get immune and don’t click on anything (which maybe isn’t the worst thing).

For our “Premier” (R-Premier) clients you’re getting this no matter what…unless you specifically request not to be included. If you’re a R-Essential client or subscribe only to a few select services (you too are Premier to me!) if you’d like to be included, just let me know. (Premier clients are those that subscribe to our Premier Support which includes unlimited remote support, R-Essential Clients have our tools (and likely other services), but pay for support based on an hourly rate).

#2- Cyber Security Assessments – As indicated in the emails, we are offering some free Cyber Security Assessments for our clients and prospective clients. The main one we will focus on at this time is a self-assessment, that focuses on policy/user centered areas and training. It will help us identify (based on NIST CyberSecurity Framework things we can work on over the next several months to help improve your internal IT policies, staff training, and overall cybersecurity “score”. This will help us, help you. We aren’t always involved in the day-to-day training of your staff and crafting of your policies so this will open up that conversation. This can be run periodically to see how you’re improving. A link to schedule this will be below. I’ll contact those that have already expressed an interest.

If necessary (and later), we will deploy a different assessment that will focus on hardware, software, and security risks based on the physical network rather than people and policies. This will come out in December or January probably as we need to switch to our new management software to deploy it easier. Much more information on the new management software and this assessment will be coming soon in subsequent emails.

#3- Dark Web Lookup – You send us your primary email domain (which we probably already know), any extra email domains you may own (which we may or may not know as well), and any personal email addresses for any of your team that you want us to lookup on the dark web to see if those email addresses have been involved in any major hacks and have their passwords listed on the dark web. We can hide the passwords or for max effect, leave them unmasked and we’ll send you a report with the information.

That’s enough for now. Wishing everyone a Happy and Un-Spooky Cyber Security Month (and a happy Halloween as well).

Please practice safe clicks!

-Josh and the team at Richline IT

To Schedule a Cyber Security Assessment or a dark web search, please use our Microsoft Booking link here:

Cyber Security

No, I’m not trying to trick you with this one. Yes, I’m aware that’s exactly what someone trying to trick you would say. Still don’t believe me, just call the office to schedule it. I tried to save you the time.