Heading Back or Working from Home? 2 Offers for you


I wanted to touch base on a couple of things. First, if you’re headed back to work or if you’ve been working the whole time…stay safe! And not sure if you caught it, but I have been making up some Anti-Virus “Solution” (IT for hand sanitizer) here at the office…If you’re local we can send some out if you’re having trouble finding it …my video about it is below. It’s using the recipe and guidelines from the WHO…I only have so much (due to shortage of spray bottles believe it or not)…but I can refill bottles until the rest of my supplies run out.

Link to video here: https://youtu.be/xfKutmyD7CA

Now the important one!

For those with employees working from home….

We moved very quickly into this situation and we did what we had to do, but once we sent people home we created security risks that are keeping me up at night. Rather than go in to risks and scare anyone too badly, I want to tell you what we’re doing about that.

For a while I’ve been looking for a high end security offering to bring to you guys. We didn’t want to build one, we wanted to be able to concentrate on providing support and consulting (what we do best) and let security guys work that angle. So, within our own existing partnerships we found a solution that checks all the boxes.

As a result, we now have access to security offerings that rival those at the biggest firms. From Endpoints (workstations and servers) to Network Equipment to Cloud Services we’ll be able to have unprecedented access to see what’s going on with your technology and stop threats before they occur…all backed by a 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC) and further backed by a Ransomware guarantee. This is bigger than anything we could have hoped to build on our own and will give you the protection your firm needs in these strange and changing times while still giving you the support and customer service you expect and need for your business.

The Offer: So for starters we have access to 100 free licenses that are specifically earmarked as WfH (Work from Home). These are free, courtesy of our partner, until June 30, 2020 to help our clients stay safe while working from home. These are first come-first-served. Again, earmarked mainly for personal machines co-opted into service for working from home or machines that may not yet have our other tools installed/won’t be coming back to the office…talk to me if you’re unsure

After that, we are being given a discounted plan of licenses for the next 6 months. These will likely list at least at $10 per workstation and $20 per server but due to the discount we’re being given, we can offer them to our clients for $4/workstation and $10/server for the next 6 months (whereafter they’ll be $8/workstation and $16 per server…so still discounted because you got in early).

This is stage 1 of the new security offerings…we’re calling it R-Secure Sentinel Watch-Dog (a mouthful, but the analogy was this is like have a really scary looking watch dog keeping you safe 24×7)…we’ll have better material (graphics and such) soon as well as stage 2 and 3, but wanted to get this out to everyone quickly due to the conditions and the offers. Stage 2 and 3 will be more higher level security for those dealing with compliance issues (HIPPA, FTC, DHS, and others) as well as risk scoring, Security Awareness Training, SIEM services, dark web monitoring and more…like I said, some serious stuff.

Included in the Stage 1 offer will also be Office365 Watch Dog for those with Office 365 hosted email for no additional charge (except possibly an additional Office 365 user if we don’t already have one available).This will watch your Office 365 environment for anomalous activity (like someone logged in to your account simultaneously from Texas (you) and China (not you probably)).

I also have a video for this offer….this video is a walkthrough of the anatomy of a Ransomware attack and how this product (meaning R-Secure Sentinel Watch Dog) kills and repairs any damage caused….including the patented “roll-back” feature.

It’s 15 minutes and a little dry, but it gives insight into how some ransomware work (there are different varieties so this is just one flavor) so it’s actually quite interesting information.

Again, stay safe physically and stay safe technologically!