No!!! Don't open that closet!

What does your server room closet look like?

Client Unorganized Server Closet
Somewhat Typical Server Closet

For some of our customers their server “room” is a closet somewhere perhaps at the end of a dark hall where no one goes that looks something like this:

And don’t even ask what else is stored in there!

So we’re here to tell you, “It’s not your fault”

No, really, listen to me, “It’s not your fault”

Ok, it’s a little your fault.

But, it’s ok. We understand, and we can help.

Untangle the network spaghetti! Regain control of your server room! Remove and recycle that UPS! It’s spring time, time for a little spring cleaning!

Brennan, and Craig tackled this small job over the weekend and Brennan had the foresight to snap us some before and after pics for once (I can’t tell you how many times we’ve done these and said, “crap! I should have taken some pics before we started!”)

Does any of this look familiar? Server sitting on the floor cables running everywhere, battery backup facing backwards? I’m just glad the fire extinguisher is close…wait that hasn’t been checked this century?

Network Cabling MessServer sitting on wood table. Network Spaghetti

So all the cables were replaced, just put the cover on the existing cable management and replaced the 2 low end TP-Link switches with a nice HP/Aruba 48 Port Gigabyte switch. Easy clean access to the Sonicwall Firewall and the modem! Down below we added a little rolling half rack and since the servers weren’t rack mounted, we just got a couple of trays for them to sit on and get off of the floor. The rack can be slid out of the way if we need to access something above it. All-in-all nothing fancy, but it sure does make thing a lot easier for the network guys to see what’s going on without worrying about accidently unplugging something.

Server Half Rack Cleaned up Network Cabling Clean Cleaned up Server Closet

So if your server room or server closet is in need of an extreme closet makeover! Give Brennan a call…he’ll weep a little, but he’ll get the job done.

Brennan (361)882-6297 x 2025



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