Ready to Work from Home…permanently?

Virtualize Your Office with Richline IT’s Work-From-Home (WfH) Solutions

Does the Coronavirus and other recent events have you rethinking your current office environment?

Are Work from Home Solutions (WfH) actually working as you expected?

We can help you make the transition from a physical office with a physical network infrastructure to a Cloud Office/Virtual Office…with all of your systems and applications up in the Cloud and accessible from anywhere

Perhaps you’ve even made moves to get your office team working from home and it’s even working fairly well, and you’re thinking, like me, maybe we could actually make this a more permanent thing…or at least an optional thing several days a week.

Most of the apps in my office are already up in the cloud or in our own private cloud environment, but we’re using this time to go ahead and finish off making everything and everyone accessible from everywhere. Our last step being virtualizing or really just migrating our phone system from being hosted in our office to Mitel’s MiCloud Connect Hosted Platform….we were able to work from home pretty well with the current system, but this one jumps us up a few steps in functionality that our 10 year old+ phone system was just never going to achieve…like being able to text message (SMS) clients from our office extensions for one.

Depending on where you are in the process, just starting or just needing to get that last piece of the puzzle Richline IT Solutions has the expertise and works with Partners around the world with the experience and trust to get the right solution for your business needs.

We can take all the technology, the desktop, the phones, the servers, applications….and pretty much everything but your people and put them up in the cloud so your team can access their files, databases, phone calls, and video conferences from anywhere. We also have the security products and expertise to keep it safe from outside threats.

Think about it…paying half the rent for your office space? Sounds good to me. Or maybe getting out of that lease completely and going all virtual….the freedom for you to be able to work from anywhere finally achieved. The only question is where are you going to visit first?….maybe a staycation for a while until all of this blows over?

Call us or send us an email to learn more about virtual office solutions from Richline IT Solutions. The leader in IT Solutions in Corpus Christi, the Coastal Bend and all of Texas for almost 20 years.