Think before you Click!-reposted

Think before you Click!

In light of some new “ransomware” threats popping up on the internet we are re-publishing this important reminder about e-mail and web surfing Do’s and Don’ts.

Don’t: Open attachments from people you don’t know.

Don’t: Open attachments from people you do know if you aren’t expecting them or the subject line just doesn’t look like it’s really from them. Their PC may have gotten infected or someone faked that it was sent from them (called “Spoofing”).

Don’t: Open your personal e-mail on your work PC.

Don’t: Click on links, sidebars, or web pages you don’t know and/or aren’t work related.

Don’t: open anything with a .ZIP or .EXE file extension. Beware that some files may try to trick you with a filename.pdf.exe. This looks like a PDF (Adobe) document, but it’s lying to you.

Don’t: click on images in an email that is only an Image(picture only with no text)

DO: TELL US ASAP! If you do accidently open something you shouldn’t, it is better to tell us sooner than later as we may be able to stop it or limit the damage.

DO: if you’re sending an attachment, it’s good etiquette to let the recipient know what’s attached especially if they aren’t expecting it.

Our clients have SPAM and Virus filtering for emails, antivirus for the PC’s as well as outbound web surfing protection and blocking, yet viruses/malware/ransomware, etc continue to evolve and occasionally they find their way through so just be cautious. Think before you Click!



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